Loofah slice


-What is loofah?

Loofah also spelled luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae). It’s a vegetable that could be eaten when harvested at young stage but also it is used as a scrubbing sponge/scourer in bathroom and kitchen. It is completely natural and therefore fully compostable.

-How to use my loofah slice?

  • Soap holder: it will keep your soap dry and it will last longer. Works for shampoo bars, conditioner bars and also for body lotion bar.
  • Exfoliating pad: for the whole body in the shower, wet with hot water it will eliminate all the dead skins
  • Scrubber: in the kitchen to wash your dirty pans, it’s an excellent scrubber. It’s naturally abrasive but it won’t scratch your pans. It can clean perfectly the top of your stove, but also your dirty boots…

-How to clean my loofah?

Regularly sanitise your loofah by boiling it for 5 min or put it in your washing machine. When your loofah starts falling apart then compost it!

-How to store my loofah?

To keep your loofah longer, remove any excess water after use and keep it dry.


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Loofah is completely natural, therefore some loofahs are big and some aren’t. When the loofah is a bit small, we’ll put 2 slices for the price of 1.

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