Honey-Roasted Macadamia Nuts

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Loose honey-roasted macadamia nuts

Ethically sourced in Malawi by Nut Cellars, a local family business based in Bedford
The incredibly hard shell is one of the reasons for the nuts being ‘high end’ as they are hard nuts to crack (pun intended), requiring precisely engineered machinery. The hard shell protects the sumptuous buttery crunchy nut maturing inside.
Macadamia nut shells are very ‘energy dense’ and are therefore an excellent source of fuel for the farmers who grow them. With our foundational charity Neno Macadamia Trust @nenomacadamiatrust we are working with small holder farmers in Malawi to develop a fuel efficient cook stove to burn these hard shells and reduce deforestation.
So next time you are enjoying that buttery crunch of macadamia cherish the all round value of it. Not only does it taste amazing with huge nutritional value it can provide an alternative cooking fuel, meaning fewer trees need to be cut down for firewood to cook daily meals. 🌳 And we’re all up for protecting our forests right?

Brand: Nut Cellars