Extra Virgin Olive oil – refill

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Extra virgin olive oil on refill – *infused with cracked black pepper*(1)

Our extra virgin olive oil is pressed solely from koroneiki olives. It’s unblended, unfiltered, and properly cold-pressed. An acidity of 0.3% means it’s among the purest extra virgin olive oils available. Hand-picked, sustainably produced and distributed, Honest Toil extra virgin olive oil is as pure as it gets.

Brand: Honest Toil

Country of origin: Greece

How they harvest:

We harvest the olives with traditional, manual, low-impact methods, using sticks with ‘propeller-like’ endings that remove the olives from the branches, letting them fall onto large nets spread underneath the trees. The olives are then gathered into sacks and taken to the village press in the evening. Presses here still function on a collective basis: farmers bring in the harvested olives and hand over a percentage of the oil in exchange for the pressing. Everyone knows everyone and the whole process is based on trust – this is how’s been for centuries.

Our whole ethos is based on direct cooperation; with small-scale farmers, as well as small businesses along the line, including delivery, distributors and the stockists that ultimately sell the fruits of our toil…

We’re determined to keep it simple, so just produce the one variety of olive, and the result is a properly cold-pressed, completely unblended and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil; it really is just raw squashed Koroneiki olives.

(1) A bit of explanation here on EU legislation:

In 2014, in a series of wide-ranging measures intending to combat fraud in the olive oil industry, the EU brought in a ban on selling extra virgin olive oil on-tap. Unfortunately, this regulation hasn’t done much to stop the big-scale monopolies diluting their olive oil before bottling, but instead means the independent, ethical, packaging-free refill-shops now have to jump through hoops in order to be able to sell a pure product; as we aim to supply the fruits of our toil with as minimal packaging as possible, we’ve reluctantly decided to “infuse” our most recent harvest with pinch of cracked black pepper in order to comply with the law.

We’re hoping that this is a temporary necessity and that the sale of unblended, unpackaged extra virgin olive oil will soon be legal again. For now, our “cracked black pepper infusion” does not affect the flavour or quality of the oil.


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