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Love My Refill Market! I get my products delivered and love the online shop. Karen is absolutely marvelous. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful market in Milton Keynes.


Isabelle Therapies

Love going to the market and getting my refills. The product are of great quality and Karen is so helpful. See you at Wolverton Market. 


mum in MK


2 days ago

My Refill Market

EDIT: we are now out of stock, will get more very soon

They have finally landed today, we now have in stock reusable face masks, adults and children.

Available in the shop and online (from today). Lots of lovely patterns ☀️🌸🌱🦩

Adults £5.90
Children £4.50

Washable in the washing machine

No plastic screen in our shop but face mask is advised 👉 zero waste protection

#zerowastefacemask #fabricfacemask #facemask #wearamasktoprotectus #covidprotection
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2 days ago

My Refill Market

That’s us covered for the weekend then 😅
Supporting our local sweet shop @thestonysweetshop in the arcade.
The very kind Mandy is reopening on the 15th June, get there for your sweet fix 🍬

#buylocal #zerowastesweets #independentmk #supportindependentbusiness #lovestony
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3 days ago

My Refill Market


I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying this lovely sunshine ☀️
I wanted to update you on a few things: we have new products, yeaaaaaah!


What is that? Loofah
It’s a vegetable from the cucurbitaceae family, a bit like a courgette. When dried out you’ll get the fibrous skeleton that is used as an excellent exfoliating pad or a scrubber in your kitchen.

How you can use them:
✅ Scourer for your pans, stove top...
✅ Scrubber to clean your veg
✅ Exfoliating pad in your shower
✅ Soap or shampoo bar holder
✅ and many more uses...

We now have in stock at My Refill Market those wonderful natural scrubber in slices or as a pad.


- Organic British Wholewheat flour YQ
- Organic British strong white bread flour
- Organic British porridge oats
1st week of June: we’re hopping to get the non-bio laundry liquid delivered, we’ll post here when it’s back in stock 👀


Just to clarify why I’ve asked you to wear a mask in the shop: I won’t be getting any extra equipment such as a plexiglass screen to protect you and myself from droplets because I believe that this would be another waste we’ll be creating after the crisis; instead, if we wear a mask or cover our mouth that’s both of us protected, so it’s not compulsory but preferable. We operate a system of 1 IN 1 OUT, please be patient, there’s rarely a queue but I serve as quickly as I can.

👉Little reminder of our new system:
I do the service and put all the dry foods in paper bags, you still bring your bottles for liquids. (Hopefully very soon you’ll be able to bring your containers again)

* Shop Tues&Sat 9-4pm Thurs&Frid 9-5pm
* Online with home delivery Wednesdays
* Next day Click&collect from the shop
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4 days ago

My Refill Market

Question: Are you still using cling film?

The beeswax wrap is an excellent alternative to cling film or foil. Washable and reusable it’s so easy to use. Here is a little demo with half a lemon and a ginger root but you can wrap anything from veg, fruits, bread, sandwich, biscuits, bowl of leftovers.... You can also do a little pouch for a snack on the go with dried fruits and nuts, there are lots of possibilities with those wraps.

👉 After use, wash them in your sink with soapy water and rinse with cold water, let it drip dry. Store rolled in a jar on your counter or in a drawer.


At My Refill Market we sell beebeewraps as they are excellent quality, the company have very good ethics and they are made in Cambridge so pretty local. We have in the shop and online different sizes and packs like cheese pack, single, bread size, etc... Ask and we’ll help you choosing the right one for you.

✅ Stop plastic pollution
✅ Organic cotton
✅ Made in Cambridge
✅ Fresh food for longer: cut food waste
✅ Beautiful

🕰 We are open Thursday&Friday 9-5pm
Saturday 9-4pm and ONLINE of course
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5 days ago

My Refill Market

Hello all I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful weekend !
In our house we did a lot of cooking and DIY and I wanted to share with you a zero waste hack I have been doing for years.
👉Each time a soap bar is coming to an end, I keep it in a little empty tin (I kept after I’ve finished a deo 😉).
1- When I have enough of little pieces of soap ends, I grate them or cut them into little pieces and put them in a pan with very little of water and let it melt on very low heat while stirring regularly.
2- When your ends are all melted you can add a few drops of essential oils if you don’t like the smell of it (by mixing lots of different fragrances it can have an odd smell).
3- Then pour your mixture into molds (any cupcake or other small baking ones are fine)
4- Let it cure for 4 weeks minimum (term for drying for soaps)
That’s it, you have your zero waste soaps !
#zerowastehacks #diytips #zerowastesoap #dontputinthebin
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2 weeks ago

My Refill Market

Have you made the switch yet?
We have a very pretty range of reusable period pads with 3 sizes to choose from, S M and L
👉Suitable for washing machine, this is the best swap I’ve ever made!

We are open tomorrow Thursday 9-5pm, new opening days on our home page

#zerowasteperiod #nowasteperiods #plasticfreeperiods
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2 weeks ago

My Refill Market

✨My Refill Market shop is reopening Tuesday 19th May✨

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 9am-4pm
Thursday - 9am-5pm
Friday - 9am-5pm
Saturday - 9am-4pm
Sunday - CLOSED

Please follow the procedures when you come to the shop:

✔️1 person IN 1 person OUT
✔️Hand gel sanitiser available at entrance or wash your hands before coming
✔️Wear a mask or cover your nose and mouth with a fabric - compulsory
✔️Respect social distancing when queuing in front of the shop
✔️WE will serve you, all dry foods in paper bags and bring your bottles for refill on liquids (cleaning products, body products, hand gel sanitiser and apple cider vinegar). Hopefully in a few weeks time we’ll be able to accept again your containers for refilling.
✔️Please consider we are sharing the shop’s entrance with upstairs offices so do not block the way when waiting.
✔️Do not come if you’re not feeling well, stay at home.

👉We will still operates DELIVERIES
They will be every Wednesday afternoon for all MK postcodes and the system remain the same; dry foods in paper bags and liquids refilled when we come (see FAQ page on website)

I have missed you guys! I am so happy to reopen the shop and being able to keep the deliveries. Also I have added a few new products recently and there’s more to come👀✨
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3 weeks ago

My Refill Market

UPDATE: we will be closed for bank holiday tomorrow Friday so any delivery or click and collect will be Saturday.

✔️Flour back in stock
✔️Natural sunscreen tuto
✔️how it works for click&collect and deliveries
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4 weeks ago

My Refill Market

2 years ago that was me at My Refill Market’s first market in Wolverton!

Wouah! It feels sooo good! I have met such wonderful and like minded people, customers who became friends, and everyone who have been supporting My Refill Market in any way. I would like to believe I have achieved something and I have contributed to change people’s mind. This journey has just started, this is the beginning.... because zero waste is not about the result it’s about the journey.

Keep reducing your waste, making swaps for reusable, litter picking, choosing durable and reusable rather than cheap or single-use, buying slow fashion rather than fast fashion, supporting local businesses rather than multinational corporations....

We are doing this for the future generations, this resonates with even more sense now...

Thank you, Karen ☺️
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4 weeks ago

My Refill Market

Boost your proteins 💫🌱
Have you tried to add lentils in your diet? They are super tasty, contain a good amount of proteins, have tons of health properties and quick to cook. In our household it’s a staple that everyone love. Here’s a few ideas of meals I cook with lentils:
🍏 New potatoes salad with green lentils and mustard vinaigrette.
🍏 Chilli sin carne (red split lentils substitute the meat in your tomato sauce).
🍏 Lentils bolognese.
🍏 Saucisses lentilles (French stew with sausages and Puy lentils).
🍏 Indian Dhal (super quick with red split lentils).
🍏 BBQ Lentils meatballs.
... there’s lots more recipes on Pinterest for inspiration.

At My Refill Market, you can find organic red split lentils and organic green lentils.

👉🏻 And you, what’s your favourite lentil recipe?

#vegetableprotein #lentilrecipe #organic #boostyourproteinintake #healthyfood #youarewhatyoueat
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